Want to Be a Better Slot Player? Gordon Ramsay & Jamie Oliver Will Teach You How

4 Cooks Tips that Hit the Jackpot   We looked at some cooking tips from our country’s most celebrated chefs and realised we can apply them to online slot playing. Like following a recipe, a bit of knowledge on online slots can help you get more of the game and maybe even up your winnings. So let’s get to it – cooking tips for the … Continue reading

Current Trends in Online Slots

All considered, the online slot market is a relatively new one. Indeed, the entire ‘online’ thing is relatively new, and thus still volatile and unpredictable. Even though we feel that the Internet has found its course and from here on it’s a smooth sailing, you probably wouldn’t go All In on that one. A small example for that would be CD’s, or as I fondly … Continue reading

The Art of Feeling Good

Everyday life is taking its toll on us all. Whether it’s the office stress, the kids that sometimes, just sometimes, prove hard to cope with, the spouse that can on occasion be less than understanding or a general feeling of ennui that creeps on us here and there. Ce la vie, the French say. Indeed, such is life. Or to put it in another way, … Continue reading

The Sound of Slot

We all have our favourite slot games. Trying to figure out why we like this game over the other is not an easy task. We might have a golden win lingering in our minds, making that game our lucky game, at least until we have another big win in a different game, and then it’s this one that is our new lucky game. Sometimes we … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions for the Online Slots Fan

The New Year tradition is making resolutions is as ancient as the New Year itself. In ancient Rome citizens of the first democracy began each year by addressing the god Janus (who gave his name to the first month of the year) and making promises to him. During the medieval times knights took the Peacock Vow, which was a way of reaffirming their commitment and … Continue reading

Online Slots Glossary

Are you new to playing online slots? Welcome! Here is a comprehensive glossary with all the terms you need to know in order to enjoy playing. Bet – Placing a bet means wagering, staking a certain sum on the outcome of a spin in a slot game. The player determines how much they are willing to place every time, then spin the reels in order … Continue reading

The Difference between Slots & Other Methods of “Winning Money Online”

These days, there is a dazzling array of options to win money online. The relative simplicity of choosing a reputable site and investing a small amount of money in order to win a much larger sum can confuse even the most grizzled betting veterans. If you are new to the world of winning money online, you should – first and foremost – familiarize yourself with … Continue reading

Attraction – the Magnetic New Slot Game!

From the depths of our laboratories, we are proud to introduce our latest experiment – Attraction! This fun video slot game explores the world of electromagnets, turning the magnet into the main feature of the game and the main generator of action. High energy excitement and progressive gameplay turn Attraction into a physics experiment you won’t want to miss.   Glowing lights and colors, computer … Continue reading

Why Online Slots Are Better Than Land-Based Slot Machines

It’s true that slot machines have been around for over a century, and are much loved and played to this very day. The feeling of power when pulling the lever, the rolling of the reels, the thrill and the atmosphere are hard to imitate and emulate. However, there is no doubt that their newer, online versions are far more enjoyable. With rich graphics and special … Continue reading

Slots Wishes Come True with Wish Master

Don’t you wish you had your very own genie? You know, just like Aladdin in the Arabian Nights tales, that can grant you wishes and make your dreams come true? Now you can have one! Well, almost. Introducing the brand new online slots game, The Wish Master. In this new 5-reel, 3-row, 20-line game, you are transported to a remote cave in the desert, with … Continue reading