Attraction – the Magnetic New Slot Game!

From the depths of our laboratories, we are proud to introduce our latest experiment – Attraction! This fun video slot game explores the world of electromagnets, turning the magnet into the main feature of the game and the main generator of action. High energy excitement and progressive gameplay turn Attraction into a physics experiment you won’t want to miss.   Glowing lights and colors, computer … Continue reading

Why Online Slots Are Better Than Land-Based Slot Machines

It’s true that slot machines have been around for over a century, and are much loved and played to this very day. The feeling of power when pulling the lever, the rolling of the reels, the thrill and the atmosphere are hard to imitate and emulate. However, there is no doubt that their newer, online versions are far more enjoyable. With rich graphics and special … Continue reading

Slots Wishes Come True with Wish Master

Don’t you wish you had your very own genie? You know, just like Aladdin in the Arabian Nights tales, that can grant you wishes and make your dreams come true? Now you can have one! Well, almost. Introducing the brand new online slots game, The Wish Master. In this new 5-reel, 3-row, 20-line game, you are transported to a remote cave in the desert, with … Continue reading

From Superheroes to Food – Types of Online Slot Games

If you are already familiar with Prime Slots particular brand of games, you surely know that it offers a wide variety of online slot game types. Here we will try and bring some of the high-profile themes and types: Games based on well-known legends: whether it is a fairy tale, folk tale or actual historical story that has grown to mythical proportions, you can find … Continue reading

Introducing Two New Online Slot Games For Web and Mobile!

Introducing two brand-new slot games for your playing enjoyment: Lost Island and Piggy Riches, giving the chance for free spins and exciting bonuses, so be sure to check them out. Lost Island is a thrilling 5-reel online slot which whisks the player into a remote, exotic island inhabited by a mysterious tribe. Wander about the ancient ruins and clear your way through the jungle-like lush vegetation … Continue reading

Learn All About No Deposit Bonuses

You may have seen many slot games advertise the fact that they offer free “no deposit bonuses” to their newcomers and have probably wondered what that meant. Look no further – we have the answer to your query. A no deposit bonus is simply getting money for free! It may sound hard to believe, but it’s completely true. And what’s even better – everyone is … Continue reading

Big Payouts in Online Slot Game Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest, the game from online slots site Prime Slots, is making big payouts for players all across Europe! Of course, Prime Slots has always been known for the huge jackpots and large cash prizes it offers. But recently, jackpots have increased EVEN MORE, thanks to slot game “Gonzo’s Quest – The Search for Eldorado”. Prime Slots Gamers who won the big payouts by playing … Continue reading

Prime Slot Players Get More Out of the World Cup!

The World Cup is well underway in Brazil already, with all the football lovers of the world uniting over their devotion for the game. If all this action isn’t exciting enough for you, Prime Slots is also giving you a lot more reasons to get into the World Cup frenzy, from FIFA goodies to a gigantic TV. So you can play online slots while keeping … Continue reading

Play Lights, The Beautiful New Online Slots Game

Get Zen-like with Lights, a captivating 5-reel, 9-payline online slot game taking place in a magical Asian setting. With its beautiful graphics of a lovely valley during sundown, soothing music and calm yin-yang atmosphere, Lights manages to combine excitement with serenity. Apart from the harmonious mood, Lights’ special features include Floating Wilds. These are created by magical fireflies, that fly during every spin above the … Continue reading

Lollipop Mobile Slot Game – So Sweet!

Have you given yourself the treat of Lollipop? This sweet, colorful mobile slot game has gorgeous colors and appetizing visuals. Lollipop is exclusive to the mobile platform, so don’t try looking for it on your browser. Lollipop is the quickest way for your sweet tooth fix after overdosing on Crushes. Lollipop is a 6 line mobile instant play. Its gameplay is relatively simple, enabling you … Continue reading